COVID is delaying THEORY and DRIVING tests and unfortunately driving lessons.
when the lockdown lifts we can all get back on track and resume our lessons and get you passed as quickly and safely as possible.
While in lockdown you can get ready for your theory by revising the Highway code and doing your apps and any advice just contact me.
Regarding your driving lessons you could do some practice with mum/dad and friends to help while not doing lessons.
I will help by putting up some training videos to help and please don´t hesitate to ask.
I have a Learner insurance link on this webpage and my Facebook page Astalvista driving school or Jason Horsfield to get a discount and a great company to use.
I suggest you book a test as SOON as you can as COVID is delaying ALL tests for MONTHS so the sooner you book a test at least you have one reserved.


STOP!!!! Look no further.

YOU have found the driving school at astaLvista who puts YOUR needs first.

Your life is busy enough to not sift through pages and pages of driving schools who tell you about THEM. We put YOU in the driving seat by putting YOU first!!!!!!

We give tell you EXACTLY how to pass your test. Teaching you to drive is paramount be WE show you what is required on test day and how to get the FIRST TIME PASS YOU ALL WANT.

The driving test has had MANY changes over the years and we keep ahead of any changes by showing you how to tackle these changes to give your examiners EXACTLY what they want to see AS WELL as showing you the BEST and SAFEST way to drive.

We are a company that does not “Piggy back” you on a driving lesson (making you pick up other clients wasting YOUR lesson time) we also don’t fill up with fuel (unless YOU ask) to go to shops or bank during YOUR lesson.
This is YOUR time and we give YOU EVERY MINUTE.
We teach far too many clients who have had BAD EXPERIENCES of their instructors getting them to take their children to school, pick up food for them or even do their chores!!!
This YOUR lesson and YOUR money that should be used for teaching ONLY not for other things.

EVERY lesson you should come away with a “New skill” learnt or an old one improved.
We look after YOU so you will ALWAYS look forward to your lesson and come back for more.

We also have VW GOLFS THAT ARE THE SAME so if one car is not available for test then the other will be.

Want cheaper car insurance with PASS PLUS?? We can teach YOU this!!!

We train YOU to drive with the latest iPAD technology making it easier and fun to learn.

Lessons will be charged £30ph on a "pay as you go" basis.

Keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket not your instructors.

Try the link for youtube or facebook link for some "HOW TO" videos which will be added daily.

Pick up the phone NOW so we can put YOU in the driving seat, and soon you´ll be saying goodbye to your L´s.
Carolyn from Failsworth
Comments to follow
Carolyn from Failsworth

Naden - Oldham
Was really looking forward to my lessons and Jason really helped me to gain confidence. Recomended him to all my friends.
Naden - Oldham

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